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  • Compare & Contrast Blackrock And Bend It Like Beckham

    Compare & Contrast Essay Compare and contrast the two films and discuss the boundaries or challenges the main characters must overcome? The two teen flick films...

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  • Blackrock

    Using drama through characters and conflict we can examine our national identity. The play Blackrock Written by Nick Enright is inspired by events that took place on the...

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  • Psychology As a Science

    Am I sick or is it just catching? Thursday, 31 July 2003 Writing a letter to myself…Christ I must be going donkey mad! I’ve never kept a poxy diary in...

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  • Radio In Ireland

    The Savoy Cocoa Company sponsored the "Savoy Minstrels", and The Blackrock Hosiery Company, "Rock Revellers". "The Irish Hospitals' Sweepstakes" programme...

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  • Education

    & Equality (Critically discuss the statement that money and education and equality are inextricably linked) In Ireland the school you go to will possibly...

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