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History is the study of past historical events, accounts, and other important underpinnings that compromise our understanding of the past. History covers many different topics often times segmented by geographical location. This includes: American History, World History, Ancient History etc. These topics all encompass various parts of human history. We here at Cyber Essays have you covered for any type of History that you are looking to study.

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    On comparing Ce`zanne's Bathers, to (Plate 1.3.4) with Correggio's Leda with the swan, (Plate 1.3.8) I am immediately drawn to the contrast between the two works of art...

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  • World

    Etymology The English word world continues Old English weorold (-uld), weorld, worold (-uld, -eld), a compound of wer "man" and eld "age", thus translating to "Age of Man...

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  • World Histrory

    History of the world (or "World History") is generally taken to encompass the history of the human race (Homo sapiens), from the earliest times to the present, in all places...

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  • World War 2

    Paper Seven Relate America’s Involvement in World War Two By Perry Clarke The events in Europe leading up to World War II were very key. The war-ravaged...

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  • World Water Crisis - Apwh

    APWH Essay The Global Water Crisis Water plays a very pivotal role in history; it is because of waters influential capabilities that we exist. Water has always been...

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  • Wounded Knee

    The film Burry My Heart at Wounded Knee documents the Sioux’s resistance to the “Indians Removal” policies. In 1868, the United States signed a treaty with the Sioux...

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  • Writing

    Social process theory / Social conflict theory CheckPoint: Causation of Crime Introduction The two theories on the causation of crime that I choose to compare and...

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  • Xerxces

    McKenna Heath Mr. Hunt World History extra credit October 16, 2011 Xerxces Immediately after seizing the kingship, Darius 1 (son of Hystaspes) married Atossa...

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  • Zachary Taylor

    : The Twelfth President (1849–1850) Taylor was in the army for forty years Taylor’s men called him “Old Rough and Ready” Taylor died of...

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  • Zapata

    Emiliano Zapata was born into a family that was not poor. They enjoyed a relatively decent life in Anenecuilco, Morelos. Although Gabriel Zapata and his wife Cleofas Salazar...

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  • ‘to Foreign Commentators, the Pale and Gaelic Ireland Must Have Seemed Like Two Different Worlds’. Discuss.

    In the 12th century Ireland had become governed by England...

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  • “Events Shape People More Than People Shape Events”

    How Accurate is this statement in relation to Bismarck? Events shape the actions of people, but it can also be...

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  • “Teen Marketing and Body Image” – by: Mary Desaulniers

    The article starts with saying that you see them everywhere – in magazines, commercials featuring emaciated teen models with glossy lips and heavily mascara-ed eyes wearing...

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  • 从《史记》看秦始皇的“暴政”及“暴君”形象

    摘 要 在历史上,秦始皇一直是以一个“暴君”的形象出现在后人面前的。之所以称他为暴君,是因为他在位期间所施行的一系列“暴政”。但是,通过仔细研读《史记...

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