|Information System Business Problem Dimensions

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|Information System Business Problem Dimensions                                                                   |
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      The three dimensions to business problems are organization, people, and technology. Organization is how the company is set up. Are the protocols that are in place followed and do they have a winning business model. If the business model is drafted correctly than the company can have success. However, a poor model with create imminent failure. People can be the hardest part of the puzzle. Finding the right people to work for the business is most important to make things run. Starting from senior management down to the store clerk, all people in place need to be qualified workers that have the company‚Äôs best interest in mind while keeping the customer happy. Even though senior management makes the hard important decisions, it is the employees that interact with the customers that make the biggest difference. Technology is probably the easiest component to fix within a company. However, technology is not cheap, so it can take the longest to replace. Having poor equipment, our outdated operating systems can actually slow business down, cause inventory mistakes, and system failures. So it is good to have a good mixture of good qualities amongst these three...