‘‘a Clockwork Orange’’

‘‘A Clockwork Orange’’

“A Clockwork Orange” is a speculative fiction novel by Anthony Burgess, which first publishing date was in 1962. This book is about young fifteen years old boy called Alex, his brutal attitude and action against society and state authority. This story retells a fragment of boy’s life where we can find out what author opinion about good and bad is. The writer asks if person with confidence that he is bad is better than a “good” person, who is became a good person under pressure and who has no free will and choice. A report on this book includes three major aspects: theme, style and value.
One aspect of the book is its theme. The main idea of this book is to see the difference between good and bad, young and old. The morality of this novel is that if we try to change someone to a better person but with coercion, it means that we take away this person’s humaneness. In this story the main character Alex, a lover of Beethoven and juvenile delinquent, who, along with his gang members (known as "droogs" (Russian for friends)) Dim, Georgie, and Pete, roam the streets at night, committing violent crimes (ultraviolence) for enjoyment. When during an attempted robbery he commits the ultimate crime of murder, Alex becomes prisoner 6655321 at state jail number 84F, sentenced to 14 years. However, when Alex volunteers to undergo the experimental “Ludovico Technique” in order to reduce his sentence, he is unaware of the consequences that are to follow. The Ludovico Technique renders him incapable of violence (even in self- defence), it also makes him unable to enjoy his favourite classical music (it is an unintended side effect).
I can say that the third section of the novel is the most reflective of the troubles of future society. In this section author touch the themes like the power struggles between old and young generations, the corruption of the police, and also politics, and attempted but failed suicide. In the final chapter Alex reflects that...