Zinns Burgers

Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza
B120 12E

Student Name: Darren Holmes
  Student Number: C1743271
        Word Count:   499

TMA01 – Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza

Part I

a) Problems identified
This report will identify problems within the Ottershaw branch of Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza.   Staffing problems are recognised as a significant weakness as there is no formal training for night managers. Management and employee relations are strained due to removal of staff benefits resulting in high staff turnover and no significant training provided for new staff.   Ultimately, this has led to poor standards of service and product quality which has increased food wastage allowing sales to fall and a rise in costs.
Décor, furniture and cooking equipment require modernising along with menus updated to include healthier options. There is also an increasing concern over environmental impact within the fast food sector, along with possibility of an all-night supermarket opening nearby.
Each of the problems identified can be related to concepts from study session 2 (Preston et al. 2012).

b) Linking the problems to concepts in Book 1
The foremost and simplest concept to utilise is a SWOT framework.   SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This allows managers to analyse their strengths and weaknesses within the internal environment and opportunities and threats from the external environment.   Managers not only need to realise the potential of strengths presenting opportunities but also recognise the importance of weaknesses causing possible threats to the business.

Capon, (2004, cited in Preston et al. 2012 p.30) suggests using SWOT analysis in relation to four key business functions: marketing, operations, human resources and finance. A full SWOT table can be sighted in the appendix after the reference list. An abstract is below highlighting the focal weaknesses and threats to the business.