Youth Unemployment : the Nigerian Experience

Youth Unemployment: The Nigerian Experience
I feel resentful now that our schools are turning out graduates and the graduates send-forth are whimpering while our leaders are becoming kleptomaniac oozing and flexing muscule for their inordinate political ambition prosecuted by looteed wealth and are gloating in a failed state.
Youth unemployment is an issue that has bedeviled Nigeria for long and had generated a lot of research. Neverthless, it is still one of the most pivotal social epidemics facing Nigeria because of its rising rates. The days are gone when graduates are employed or offered job opportunities either while in school or during the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC). Then, some were given new reigning peugeot cars for academic exellence free of charge.
Youth unemployment is a perennial problem in Nigeria, rate at which youths are unemployed is alarming. Majority of Nigerian youths are unemployed or underemployed. Frustrated by lack of job, these idle youths resort to some criminal acts to make ends meet. I think there is no need to more evidences to show how real the problem is with us, the mammoth crowd jostling for job in different recriutment centres is also a testament to this fact.
Youth unemployment has been a growing phenomenon that had been sending disturbing signals to all segments of Nigeria society. With a population over 140 million and youths of about 80 million, over 64 million young people are unemployed and of the 16 million who are said to be employed, 1.6 million are actually under employed.
In addition, there is an estimated graduate turnover of over 600,000 yearly; only 10 percent of these graduates released into the labour market annually by our tertiary institutions are able to obtain paid employment. Recently, in a report by Ministry of Education, it was estimated that only 4 million youths were on paid job while over while over 60 percent of them are underemployed.
Nigeria’s high population rate had resulted in rapid...