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CJA 403/Juvenile Justice Systems & Processes

Crime statistics show that juveniles are responsible for countless more crimes in recent history than ever before, leading to soaring rates of juvenile arrest and incarceration within the United States. Violent crimes normally associated with adult offenders have become commonplace for juvenile offenders, resulting in juvenile prisons that are filled to capacity and a need for effective rehabilitation programs. More and more programs designed to correct or deter criminal behavior have begun for those deemed capable of rehabilitation, leaving incarceration for violent offenders. Weed and Seed and the Lucas County Youth Treatment Center are two of those programs designed to prevent and intervene in hopes of changing the juvenile offender’s current deviant behavior. These programs, designed to decrease their exposure to crime and violence through neighborhood improvements and increase the personal responsibility of convicted juvenile offenders, allow offenders to avoid arrest or incarceration through their voluntary or court-ordered admission in these programs.
Program: Weed and Seed
“Weed and Seed is a United States Department of Justice program designed to assist neighborhoods that have seem more than a little wear and tear caused by crime” (Unknown, 2009). Developed to assist law enforcement in weeding out violent criminals and drug abusers, they rely upon neighborhood groups to seed necessary human services and programs through community needs assessment (Unknown). Weed and Seed focuses on prevention of crime and intervention in the criminal activities occurring in neglected areas by ensuring intended rejuvenation locales have ready access to the support and services necessary to guarantee their neighborhoods are protected and strong. In cooperation with local youth organizations, Weed and Seed promotes cleaning up vacant or neglected properties, establishing new home...