Your Responsibilities and Those of Others Who Have an Effect on Your Work

Your responsibilities and those of others who have an effect on your work

The responsibilities are made up of 5 stages, known as the ‘Teaching and Learning Cycle’.   This made up of Initial Assessment, Planning and Preparation, Teaching, Assessment and Evaluation.
Initial assessments are carried out to establish prior knowledge, experience, and learning at the time of induction to the course, using a variety of methods, e.g. informal discussions, skills scans, analysing the learner’s ILR. This may show any learning difficulties or special requirements that need to be made to ensure inclusion. Ground rules are set by mutual agreement with the learners. Health & Safety, Safe Learning, Appeals Procedure and Security & Confidentiality are discussed. The learner is informed that they have a responsibility to make their portfolio available for up to 6 months as the EV, working on behalf of the Awarding Body, The SFA or European Social Fund have a right to view the portfolio in line with the Learning Agreement, ensuring that Quality Standards have been maintained throughout the qualification.

As an Assessor, I need to be aware of a safe productive working environment for my learners. Health and Safety is of a primary concern to all involved. I am bound to work in a way with my learners’ that supports their role in the organisation, and adhering to organisational rules and ethics.

Diagnostic Assessments are carried to establish what they currently know and understand, e.g. Functional Skills Test. If there are outcomes that have been highlighted during this assessment, e.g. Low Numeracy or Literacy scores, I would then enlist the support of the ‘Key Skills Support Tutors’ to assist so learning outcomes are achieved in a timely manner. This would be updated on the ILP to show progression for the learner.  

Planning and Preparation is carried out to ensure that a structured lesson has been prepared using a Scheme of Work,   detailing the course title, teacher,...