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Patient Kzaccheus Crayton is a 26 year old man who is being seen in the clinic today for a reevaluation check and completion of his cleaning. His vital signs today were within the normal range , and there are no contraindications present. Mr. Crayton’s general health is in good condition and he does not suffer from any drug allergies. The dental characteristics that Mr. Crayton displays, categorizes him under Type 2 Mild/ Slight Periodontitis. My mentor Janice Gentry and I will examine the patient and make the appropriate recommendations for him.


Kzaccheus Crayton is a 26 year old black male being seen in the clinic today. Mr. Crayton is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. Mr. Crayton smokes 5-7 cigarettes a day and, he has had that habit for about 6 years. He also consumes approximately 2-3 alcoholic beverages a week. Mr. Crayton is single and has no children. He is not being treated for any medical conditions, and he is not currently taking any medications. Janice informed me that during Mr. Crayton’s last visit about 4 months ago,   he says   he was here for a routine cleaning, and had not been to the dentist for about a year, due to his living conditions.   He also stated that “I have pain on the upper right side of my mouth from time to time”. During that initial visit, a panorex and 4 bite wing radiographs were taken, IOEO was performed, and his plague index score was a 81%. After his exam with the dentist a root canal for tooth #4 was recommended because of decay. His periodontal classification was an ADA 2, AAP 2 localized, and Cal 1.
Today Mr. Crayton will receive a reevaluation treatment, and scaling of his mandibular arch. After introducing myself to Mr. Crayton, Janice proceeded with an over view of any possible changes with his health history. He states there were no changes and no new issues but he admits he has to do better job with flossing. He says “I have just been lazy”.   Mr. Crayton informs us that tooth...