Young Females in the Media

Many young females are being influenced by ads in the media that change their perception of the “ideal female which is different from what they grew up thinking. These females who are being influenced by these ads are getting younger generation by generation because at a very young age they watch commercials and beg their parents to get them the product being advertised. The two main misconceptions portrayed in the media are the image of the “ideal” female and that they always have to be really outgoing and belong to the “in” crowd by purchasing these products.

  Another trait portrayed by women in the media is that in order to be popular, you have to be really outgoing, but for the bad as in having the best of everything and alienating anyone that doesn’t. This is shown in many television shows and commercials where the star female is the best dressed with the best makeup and the best accessories is popular. This shouldn’t be true because just buying products doesn’t make you better, it just makes you look better, but the media has brainwashed many females this way and this makes them try their best to get their hands on those certain products in order to be accepted.
    Ads should start featuring a variety of females similar to what people are used to in society so their perception of the “ideal” female can be destroyed and this perception is one of the main problems. Girls should be encourage to go outdoors and be enrolled in sports at a very young age since this will lessen their chance of coming across ads on the television that will make them frown upon themselves and think about making themselves better just for the good of others.