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Supervising teachers is one the most important duties of a principal. A principal has the responsibility to help a teacher grow and develop within their profession. The principal or the supervisor is an asset to a teacher. They can help the teacher recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Also, the supervisor will help the teacher strengthen his or her weaknesses. A teacher's supervisors play an instrumental role in motivating the teacher and helping the teacher develop his or her instructional skills. There are several approaches principals can use to supervise their teachers. A supervisor can use directive control, non-directive control or collaboration to supervise his or her teachers.

     Principals use directive control supervision as a method to supervise when the principal wants to be straightforward with a teacher. It's used when the supervisor wants instructions to the teacher to be clear. Also, the principal will use this type of supervision when the teacher is not performing at the appropriate level and when the teacher is apathetic toward the job.

     Non-directive approach is a type of supervision used when a teacher has a great deal of experience and knowledge. A teacher that receives this type of supervision normally has good classroom management and instructional skills. Also, the teacher is able to create various teaching methods and plans. Under this type of supervision the teacher, the principal does not interject his or her ideas unless specifically asked.

     Collaboration is another type of supervision used by principals. Principals use this type of supervision to solve problems, negotiate and direct. Principals and teachers come up with ideas on how to solve problems by working together under this type of supervision. The principal and the teacher normally negotiate on solutions to problems.

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