You Are a Member of Congress

You are a Member of Congress

  * What factors make it more likely that a bill will become law? What factors make it less likely?
A bill will become a law when there are a lot of people that need that’s law to make a better living. The public must want it and show that money can be made from it. The bill also has to be available during the right time. The factors that make a bill uneasy to pass were if the bill did nothing to benefit the economy and help the people who live there.
  * Is it easy or difficult to pass a bill? What are some of the advantages of passing legislation quickly? What are some of the disadvantages?
It is very difficult to get a law pass due to all of the members that has to agree with the bill but is that law is pass very quickly it will make changes happen at a fast rate and help the economy. But if it fails the people will not look forward to any other laws problems from that person.
  * Does fundraising consume too much of the legislators' time and energy? Does it affect their behavior? Why or why not?

I do feel like fundraising consume too much time but it has to be done in order to have enough money to carry on the plans with. I also feel like their behavior go hand in hand with their funds being that anyone will become a little down without the proper funding for their ideas.