The film is based on true events and takes place Alexandria, Virginia, in 1971, at brand new desegregated Williams’s high school. Herman Boone, also derogatorily known as coach coon by racist elements during the time period, due to his African-American background, is hired as head coach for the school's football team, taking the place promised to former head coach Bill Yoast.Yoast at first refuses Boone's offer as the assistant head coach, but then changes his mind. The black and white members of the football team clash in racially-motivated conflicts on a few occasions throughout their time at football camp, but after forceful coaxing and team building efforts by Coach Boone, the team manages to achieve some form of unity, as well as success.
Gerry was one main character, when he first played in a team with white and black people they didn't like each other at all. Gerry was a very good athlete, and so was Julius they were very equal.
Gerry had a good personality to white people before he was friends with Julius he was always into it. as time went on Gerry and Julius started to not hate each other as much, they were starting to get along besides all the fight they had like for example Gerry wanted white people to go first like getting a drink of water there was a argument over that. Gerry eventually became best friends with Julius and so did all the other white people, all of the team got along white people with black people. Most people outside of the team did not like this at all that the white people and the black people were getting along.

Julius he was another main character. Julius was the black character he was in the same football team as Gerry as I said he didn't like Gerry at all like Gerry didn't like him. Julius was always hated by the white people in the team along with all the other black members. Julius had a good personality but was always competitive as so was Gerry. These two usually were the ones fighting because they were both as good as...