Yoga is a fantastic remedy for overcoming problems that a modern man is facing in his daily life. The main aim of Yoga is to enhance the auto immune system, to increase the vital energy in the body system. This will help to increase the vital energy in the body and help to develop the though of mental efficiency. This will help to minimize the mental attitude of the human. A full set Yoga system will be of 15-20 minutes daily which will be followed by meditation which is the main stream to increase the concentration.

Yoga is a precious pragmatic science evolved over thousand of years which is dealing with physical, moral, mental and spiritual well being for man. The term Yoga is derived from Sanskrit meaning to bind, join, attach and yoke and it will increase one’s concentration and attention.

The system of Yoga teaches the individual soul (Jivatma) which can be united with communion with the Cosmos (Paramatma) and it will help to attain Moksha. Yoga will find grace within himself through his practice and he finds fulfillment in his life. Yoga will help to reach wisdom in work or skillful living and this will bring harmony in your life.

The practice of yoga is not a course or exam which can be completed within a stipulated period of time. But it can be based on the dedication towards their practice. One cannot expect favorable results within an exact period of time. Yoga is based on the relationship between Guru and Shishya and really this is special when compared to other relationship like husband and wife or friends. A Guru should be free from world affairs and he should be a role model for shishya. But shishya should have higher realization and development and he is having more responsibilities and he should have more love and devotion towards his guru.

Maharishi Patanjali's have given Yoga Sutra or Yoga Aphorisms have given some of the enumerated eight steps. The eight steps to be followed for yoga are.

(1) Asana - Assumption of right posture...