'Year of Wonders Explores How People Are Changed by Catastrophe'.

‘Year of Wonders explores how people are changed by catastrophe’. Discuss.

The devastation that numerous people in the village have faced helps us investigate the way people have been affected by the Plague. The villagers have not only changed physically but they have changed mentally from the Plague. However, some people in the village don’t change from the disease they adjust from things that have happened in their past.

A change of faith and strength was the main significance with Michael Mompellion. He always held his faith up high and it was something that he strived for. His words were very persuasive, ‘He intoxicated us with his words’ for what he believed in, ‘if only we trust in God to perform His wonders!’ But doubt came to Mompellion, ‘hundreds die who might have lived.’ When he was the one that suggested the ‘voluntary besiegement’ upon the village, ‘Dear friends, here we are, and here we must stay.’ With the death of Elinor it was ‘all for nothing’ and he didn’t want to perform the simplest tasks like eating and shaving. He knew it was his fault which affected his loss of faith and strength from letting himself go.

Development in her independence and strength proved important to Anna Frith. After all of the people she had loved, had died through this disaster, ‘The plague already had taken from me the greatest part of what I had to lose.’ With her compassionate and caring side she did her best to do things that she never thought she would, delivering the baby for Mary Daniels, which gave her confidence and made her finally feel happy about something that had happened during the plague times. Some others things had changed, ‘If there’s one thing I can’t stand anymore, it’s the scent of a rotting apple.’ She also didn’t follow what Mompellion had told her and went to Oran instead of going to live the life Elinor had. This was proof of how strong she was, and how independent she had become.

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