Year O Wonders

Elizabeth Bradford comes back to Eyam to seek out the rector, but instead is greeted by Anna. Miss Bradford tells Anna that her mother is dying and seeks the Rector Mr. Michael Mompellion's counsel, but the rector directs Anna to tell Miss Bradford to go to Hell. Eventually, he himself confronts Miss Bradford and tells her that he will not see her, or any member of her family, due to their refusal to offer support to the village during their self-imposed quarantine. When he returns to his quarters, Miss Bradford collapses in tears in the rectory's kitchen and is comforted by Anna, who is told that her mother is grievously ill with what was suspected to be a tumor but is now known to not be, but she does not elaborate upon this.
Michael Mompellion: (To Anna, about Elizabeth Bradford) Tell her to go to hell. – Reveals that she is unliked by certain people.
Elizabeth Bradford: Clumsy! (Hissing)
Elizabeth Bradford: Where is Mr Mompellion? (She demanded) – Reveals that she is a very demanding woman and wants everything her way.
Elizabeth Bradford: My parents were well aware that our departure would leave an unfillable gap here. – Very self-centred.
Elizabeth Bradford: So where is he? I have been kept waiting long enough already, and my business is urgent. – Again tells us that she is demanding and values her own needs above others.
Elizabeth Bradford: How dare you smirk at me, you insolent slattern! He will not refuse me, he dare not. Out of my way!