Year 11 : Power

What is power to you? Is power all about brute force and dominance, love and understanding or loyalty and teamwork? Power comes in different types of forms. It can affect you positively or negatively depending on what type of power you have and how much you have of it. But having too much power can make one greedy and selfish and can place you in difficult events that you can't escape from. I have experienced power from time to time but I have never misused it because I have seen what having too much power can do to ones mind. They tend to   misuse it for their selfish deeds which can lead them towards the wrong path which they will deeply regret in the future.
Good morning, my name is Tahmid Rahman here to explain what I have learnt about power from our year 11 prescribed text 'The Club" by David Williamson's.
In the play 'The Club' power manifests itself in multifarious modes. This is distinguished through the intense and heated dialogues interspersed throughout the play, punctuated by a range of techniques such as irony, expletives, insults, sarcasm and characterisation. The definition of "power" is "the ability to do or act, the capability of doing or effecting something" or "The possession of control or command over others;   authority or influence".
I have learnt a number of themes relating to power from my study of the play, particularly relating to the elaborate psyche of the human persona and various interlaced complexities that are inherent in relationships and power structures involving a number of different people.
Every person seeks a different type of power but at the end the desire for power is universal. This is shown from the play 'The Club' that Jock is controlling in nature, however, he has no capacity to focus on important issues as he is too concerned about the other characters affairs and how they reflect on him.   Jock likes having knowledge and information as a type of power so he can use it when the time comes. Jock loves...