Year 11 Core- Changing Perspectives Speech/Essay with Additional Texts

A change of perspective is a kind of awakenings within an individual. A change of perspective and consequently an awakening can occur both through personal experiences as well as vicariously, through the experiences of others. The individual has to be receptive and open to the change process in order for a true change in perspective to occur.   The novel Touch me and the movies Looking For Alibrandi and The Pacifier are all good examples of changes of perspective. The main characters in all 3 texts face many obstacles and events both personally and vicariously which awaken them and change their perspective.

The novel Touch Me follows the journey of an adolescent known as Xavier. In the beginning we see Xavier as a care- free football- loving teenager who lives only for the moment. He isn’t very academic or motivated in the areas that are important for shaping his future. It isn’t until he meets Nuala and Alex that his attitude towards life truly changes. First impressions of Nuala leave a lot to the imagination and after dating her and still getting nowhere Xavier starts to become frustrated. Alex helps him to see the true horrors and reasons behind why Nuala portrays the image she does and effectively alters Xavier’s perspective of the very complicated and fragile young girl. The Prologue in this novel used descriptive language, which helps the reader to gain a deeper understanding of Nuala and her feelings before the story begins. It also encouraged us to read on and discover the reasons behind her distraught state. When we learn why Nuala acted the way she did, we too changed out perspective of her and understand her on a deeper level. Xavier has sympathy for Nuala after also discovering this and over time begins to love her and because of Alex, sees the deeper beauty that can hide beneath a misleading exterior.
Xavier’s change in perspective of Nuala creates an awakening and he begins to understand it is wrong to judge people quickly and based on outer...