Part 2 – Write the essay, using no more than 800 words.

A reaction to economic pressure, national political movement and an inclusive cultural community are three factors that helped gain support for the Chartism movement.   By analysing the primary source, that is an extract of a report written at the time and published on page 5 in the Chartist Newspaper,Note the bias in the source the Northern Star, dated Saturday, 6th July 1839, it is possible to ascertain whether one factor (national political movement) is more dominant or whether it was a collaboration of the three factors that made the Chartism support flourish.   In order to do this it is imperative that all elements are considered.It might be better to assert your argument here and then go on to prove the point in the essay

The extract was written about a large meeting in York.   Between 5000 and 12000 people attended to listen to the speakers. This is where the bias in the source may be exaggerating numbers The report was written during the time when the first National Petition, containing 1,280,959 signatures, was still being considered by Parliament.   Good – you are relating the source to the background

During 1839, deep economic hardship peaked and so did the support for the Chartism movement. Refer to your source of information here It is no coincidence that its greatest support gathered during this time.

Paragraph 4 of the extract gave a graphic account of how the economic state affected the poor,
          “…the sad habiliments of mourning, and the toll of the death-bell
          over the famished victim of monopoly, closes the scene”
          (Northern Star, 6 July 1839, p. 5)
Keep quotes short.   Try to put some context in your own words here – The speaker suggests the widespread problems of poverty, when he says … (short quote)

Briggs (1959) agrees that economic pressure impacted on the surge in support for the movement,
          “The pull of early Chartism seems to have...