Y179 Understanding Management

Racking Project

Understanding Management
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This report examines a project involving the redesign of the current racking layout within the warehouse. It shows the plans and budget available for the project, and how the following concepts of control, time-management and motivation will be applied to ensure it is completed successfully. The report concludes that the project is feasible and the above concepts will aid in the outcome.

Table of Contents

1 - Introduction 4

2 - Project 4

3 - Feasibility 4

4 - Control 7

5 – Time Management 8

6 - Motivation 9

7 – Conclusion 10

8 - References 10

  1- Introduction

This report details the project of redesigning and moving racking in a warehouse, to create more storage room and maximise use of available space within the warehouse. I will also discuss the following three management ideas and how I will use them in completing this project successfully.
    • Control
    • Time management
    • Motivation

2 – Project

The current warehouse layout allows for 12 pallets to be stored within the confines of the racking system, this leaves a lot of wasted space which could be utilised for storage. This project would change the layout to allow 20 pallets to be stored within the racking and increase the overall storage capacity of the warehouse as well as saving the company money.

3 – Feasibility

The main concerns I had when looking at this project were:-
    • Was it possible?
    • What would the cost be?
    • How long would it take?
To look into the feasibility I created the following:-
    • A Detailed Plan
    • Gantt chart
    • A Critical Path Diagram
    • A Budget Plan
After reviewing these I decided that the project could go ahead as the above tools showed that the project was possible in a short...