Y176 Tma01

Describe the three different parenting styles and discuss how they might impact on children’s behaviour. Use the module materials to illustrate your answer.

When it comes to managing children's behaviour, there are many different approaches we can undertake in an effort to teach, discipline and educate our children about what behaviours are expected of them; but also many factors we must consider when trying to establish why children behave the way they do.
In this essay I will describe and briefly discuss the three parenting styles (according to Baumrind's four dimensions of parenting), which can have an affect on the behaviour our children display.   I will then go onto look a little further into the other factors which might also impact on behaviour, such as an important change in a child's life, or transitioning from pre-school into infant school. Lastly, i will present the evidence we can use to aid us in establishing what has the most poignant affect on behaviour.

When conducting her study, Diana Baumrind suggested that the majority of parent’s display one of three different parenting styles; authoritarian, authoritative or permissive.
An authoritarian parent is one who has high expectations of their children; they are keen on strict discipline and tend not to involve their child in decision-making. Here, there is no middle ground, and children are expected to follow the rules without exceptions.
Authoritative style parents have a slightly more relaxed approach, setting clear rules and boundaries for their children, enforcing non-punitive punishments when these are broken. They exercise control over their children but also encourage them to be individual and make their own decisions.
A permissive parent often has a lack of control over their children, and therefore makes few or even no demands. They present themselves as more of a friend to their child than a parent and will likely take time to explain their decisions to the child, quite unlike...