Y163Starting with Psychology

Y163 Starting With Psychology TMA01 Task 1 Part A
Jacqueline Campbell Personal Identifier: B3802076
How can the way in which we organise our thinking by using mental
images, concepts and schemas help us improve our memory?
Outline purpose of essay is to explain and define three types of ways of organising our thoughts to improve memory recall.
Main Body
To explain and describe what mental image, concept and schema is and explain how each can improve memory recall and for each describe what evidence there is to support the
Firstly, I will look at mental images and explain that numerous experiments have been carried out that support the proposal we will remember things better if we also form a mental image of the information.   The effort to form the image will help to keep it in our memory as well as the image itself, which will provide a further prompt to help recall a word.   Describe the example of the French word La poubelle (meaning bin in English) and explain that by making a mental image of a bell shaped smelly bin it helps provide an image for the word pronounced as pooh-bell.
This key word technique was developed and tested by Michael Raugh and Richard Anderson (1975) and   they carried out an experiment on two groups of participants.   Each were asked to learn a list of 60 Spanish words but only half of them were taught the key word technique   which demonstrated that the method of using key words was effective; the participants using the key words scored an average of 88% and those not using this method scored only 28%.   I will also describe how mnemonic strategies are based on using mental images of items you are trying to remember and linking these in a logical sequence to places i.e. around the home.
Secondly,   I will describe a simple concept.  

Pull together the key points and provide a short conclusion to ensure the key points are clear.