Y163 Tma 1

Task 1

How Can The Way In Which We Organise Our thinking By Using Mental Images, Concepts And Schema Help Us Improve Our Memory

There are lots of ways that we organise our thoughts, some of these can improve our memory or give us preconceived ideas.   I am going to look at schemas, concepts and mental images to show how we do this.

Firstly iconic thought is using mental images and this can help us to remember things, for example the French word for bin is “poubelle”   which is pronounced pooh-bell, if we imagine a bell shaped bin with an awful smell it is easier to remember that bin is poubelle in French.

Michael Raugh and Richard Atkinson (1975) used this technique and carried out experiments on 2 groups of people who were asked to learn 60 Spanish words.   One of the groups was taught to use the keyword technique using mental images.   When the groups were tested the group that used this technique scored an average of 88%.   The other group who were not taught the technique got an average score of 28%.

Mnemonics can help us to remember things that are constant and dont change for example “my very excellent mother just served us nice pizza” helps me to remember the planets and their order from the sun (well it used to – now I have to remember that Pluto is not longer a planet, but it worked for years).   Mnemonics can be as unusual and bizzare are you want to make them, they idea is to conjure up a mental image that will help you remember.   The more bizarre and colourful the image the easier it is to remember.

Using mental images can help us to be more efficient with the way we think and remember however being able to sort things out in our minds and organise our thoughts can be helped by putting things into catagories.

When we think about things that are around us, it is easier to manage how we think by putting things into catagories, this is called concept formation.   For example 'vehicle' is a concept, we may think of cars and buses motorbikes,...