Xmg 216 Employee Monitoring

Employee Monitoring and Ethical Implications
XMG 216
September 5th, 2012


Our society lives in the age of Internet.   Society now communicates, shop, and pays bills all through the Internet.   Common dilemma employers now face is many workers conduct personal task on company time using the Internet.   Employee monitoring has continued to become a common place in the business world, employers and employees have become increasingly concerned with the ethical implications monitoring employee’s Internet and email usage. This essay will employee monitoring, virtues and values correlate to the issue and potential solutions to the problem.

Employee Monitoring and Ethical Implications
In any workplace employee monitoring is always a topic of heated debate.   In today’s business setting, most employees have access to the Internet. Globally, the Internet connects millions of computers to computer networks.   In return this means Internet access at work is readily available to most employees to shop, plan vacation, communicate with friends and family. Employers are now faced with the dilemma of having to monitory employee’s Internet and online communications.   Employees are now held ethically held accountable for his or her social actions.   Employees are now faced with social responsibility or an obligation   to act for the good or benefit of the organization that employees them as well as for the good of all in general.   Employees are now held accountable for using proper morals, virtue and social responsibility. The ideology of deontological theories comes in to play in this dilemma because the question arises to employee what action should he or she take.   The employee must question ones inter integrity, of is it morally and ethically right to shop online, surf the internet, etc. on company time. Virtue-based theory also comes into question.   Virtue theories emphasize the need for people to break bad habits of character.   An employee must decide whether to...