Name : Princess Nombuso
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1. Introduction 2

2. Definition of concepts 2

3. Xenophobia in South Africa 2

3.1. Causes of xenophobia 3

3.2. Impact of xenophobia 4-5

3.3. What should be done 5

4. Conclusion 5

5. Bibliography 6

1. Introduction
Xenophobic attacks not a new phenomenon in South Africa started even before May 2008 attacks that rocked the nation and the international community. Attacks did not disappear with 2008 attacks, incidents of xenophobic and xenophobic related violence continue to be reported in South Africa even nower days. The student is going to discuss xenophobia in South Africa as a hate crime and its effects on the victims who experience the consequences thereof.

Definition of concept

Xenophobia is the discrimination against and hatred of foreigners, targeting outsiders and strangers or more often those who are in effect part of one’s own society but are perceived as incommensurably different from the majority population (Wikipedia, 2015)

Xenophobia in South Africa

Xenophobia violence in South Africa commanded global attention she in May 2008, armed mob went door to door in Alex, Johannesburg attacking foreign nationals. This kind of violence spread rapidly to other areas of Gauteng and then other parts of the country ( Peacock, 2013:243). Xenophobia is a severe aversion to foreigners, strangers, their politics and cultures. Often, the term xenophobia is used interchangeably with racism, yet the two are actually different in that one is much more specific than the other. While racism defines prejudice based solely on ethnicity, ancestry or race,...