Xcom 285 Checkpoint: Technology–Trendy Communication

Technology–Trendy Communication
Technology is changing the face of business communications. Do you think businesses effectively use these resources to communicate? Why or why not? Provide examples.
Due to new technologies, business communications are continually transformed.   Today, many technological tools such as computers, personal digital assistants, portable media players, e-mail, and videoconferencing are available to communicate.   However, I believe only certain businesses use these resources to communicate effectively.   Small businesses will not take advantage of expensive communication infrastructures due to low profits and common business sense.   On the other hand, large businesses will invest in improving business communications to exchange information, build relationships, inform, assess, instruct, or influence in order to achieve organizational goals.
Many companies relied on overhead projectors, erasable whiteboards, and ordinary presentation stands for delivering presentations.   The time and effort to generate these presentations was inefficient because money was wasted on paper, toner, and labor hours to produce the presentations.   Today, new technologies provide companies with electronic tools that improve the overall productivity and effectiveness of communication. Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful tool that enables an individual to create an effective presentation in hours.   Videoconferencing via Cisco webex allows business to business communication.   Computers allow individuals to connect to videoconferences remotely.   The electronic tools stated above allow businesses to effectively exchange information, build relationships, inform, and instruct in order to achieve organizational goals.
We currently have offices and business partners all over the world, which forces us to utilize technological communication tools.   The initial cost to build the communication infrastructure was substantial.   However, we are reaping the benefits because we...