Xbox or Ps3

Which one will you buy an X Box or a Play Station 3(PS3)? There are a lot of differences and similarities, tons of arguments between these two systems on which is better. I have played both system and I can say is “they are Amazing, will blow your mind away and worth every penny”. I wish both of the system were combined to make the perfect system but then we won’t have debates and competition.   Here are some similarities and differences between these two systems so it will be easier for you to decide which system is perfect for you.
Either one of these systems is amazing or like I said it will blow your mind away. For instance they can both play DVD, they have similar games, they let you play against other people, and both controllers vibrate. What catches people eyes are the great quality HD vision so gaming looks realistic and seem like you are in the game in reality. Both of the systems are basically the same size around so spacing is the same. Also they have wireless controller that are rechargeable so there is no worries about tripping over cords or   spending unnecessary money continually buying batteries, might as well throw money in the trash.
Here are some features Xbox have that ps3 doesn’t, and the reason why there are debates on which is better. Here a way to get active and exercise but which out leaving your TV, it a device that Xbox created called The Connect. What is The Connect? Is a device where instead the controller in your hand, your whole body is the controller. What I mean by that is, you are that person in the game, and so whatever move you do, it does. For example you are playing Madden (Football Game), you are the QB how to throw the ball, are the same way you would throw the ball but without the balling being in your hand and it goes the same way of aiming it. It’s a great device to make you be on your feet and have a little taste of how a QB plays.
Also The Connect can help you lose weight and see results without going to the gym....