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Lesson 7: Middle and High School

R Peter I heard you were such a partier in your middle school and high school years.

P I want to know where you got this information from. I did like to indulge in a little bit of social activity, throughout my middle and high school years. That’s called secondary school in the UK, actually. It is one thing. But I did study as well, like, its not like I ignored my studies completely. I went to school, I was a good student, but yeah on the weekends I liked to let my hair down for sure. I don’t know, Rachel, you seem like you would have been a little bit of a goody two-shoes. Like a straight A student.

R I was.

P Really, wow.

R No, During my teenage years, I was studious but you know I was able to balance my friends and fun life with also my school life. So I was pretty good at just finding a middle ground between the two.

P Sure balance is key.

R Exactly, and I wasn’t this like straight edged, stereotypical Asian student. I wasn’t. I really liked to play sports and I really liked to spend time with my friends and study at the same time because I knew grades were important

P Sure. Definitely with Asian parents you get that drummed into you. Right, the grades are important. You should have a good time as well, but don’t forget education, like (things that) helps you later life and things like that. But I’m curious, because my friends, are the friends that I have had since middle school, do you still keep in touch with people that you went to middle school with.

R I do, because my town is so small, my best friend since elementary school lives right next door to me, so even though I don’t get to see her for long periods of time, when I do see her it seems like we just pick up from where we left off so it’s really nice.

P That is fantastic.

R But I want to know, did you have a rebellion stage? Because you know how people have that rebellion stage when they are in middle and high school, puberty,...

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