Wwii, the Attack on Civilians

World WarII- Total Warfare:
The Attack on Civilians
Mr. Clark
Period 4
March 18, 2015

During WWII, the term total warfare meant an attack on a whole country, town, or city, everything was under attack even innocent civilians are targeted.
The Germans wiped out many villages making there way through Russia.   In one example in Lenigrad as many as 1 million may have died.   People were round up and shot, poisoned or they were starved into submission.
The Germans showed no mercy to the Russians, even when they tried to surrender.   The Germans had a goal to seize good prime land, and take out the supposed communist threat.   They wanted to have complete control and they didn’t care what it took to get it.   On December 18, 1940, Hitler signed “Operation Barbosa” the first order to invade Russia.   The Germans did anything to make it impossible for the Russians to survive.   They cut off imports and exports from Russia, many died of starvation.  
The Germans also wanted to physically annihilate the entire Jewish race from the face of the Earth.   The Germans put in place mass murder operations; they made holding places and ghettos to keep mass numbers of Soviet Jews.   The German S.S. gathered up Jews and put them on cattle trains and shipped them off to Poland.   They
spent nights and days many separated from their families with nothing to eat or drink.   The S.S. treated them worse than animals, killing them if they felt like it for no reason.   The S.S. transferred around 450,000 jews to the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland.   In Autumn

1941, the S.S. introduced gas vans these would pipe in deadly gas into places where the Jews were, these were used along with all of there shooting operations.   A total of about 6 million Jews were murdered during WWII.
The Germans also wanted to show their superiority to the British.   They bombed Britians aircraft factories also Hiltler ordered intense bombing of targets in and around London.   They were intent on attacking their...