Wwii Letter Perspective of an Armed Force

Samir Mohammed
Block 5
Dear mother,
I have been out on the front line of war for a year now. This past year has been on of the longest of my life and I cant believe I have to do this again. Hopefully the Central Power will give up soon because I don’t know how much more of this torture I can take.
Also I hope you and Father are doing good. Next time you see him please tell him that this war is a whole lot different compared to the war he was in back when he was enlisted. So many changes have happened. Like now they have invented this gun that shoot extremely fast so we have to hide in these things called trenches which are also new. Trenches are pretty much just deep pathways in the ground big enough for us to move around in, but we have been out in these trenches for quite a while now. I’m actually not sure how long it has been because it has been so long. And it’s not exactly clean down here too. It constantly rains here and because there is no roof the water gets in and floods the trenches so we are constantly walking in muddy water and it is soaking the clothes we are wearing. A few men have actually been sent home because the water is so muddy and dirty that it infected their feet and they had to be amputated. I’m so glad I haven’t gotten that or as we call it “trench foot”. You see because the trenches are so dirty there are also these little critters in the water but we can’t see them so we wear these things called puttees that are very uncomfortable but it stops these critters such as rats from crawling up our trousers. Also because there are so many people dying from gun fire these rats are massive and I once saw them eat a whole wounded (yet still alive) person. I know this is just a gruesome rant about how much I hate the trench life. Sorry I’ll write you soon.