Wwi vs Ww2

Ibrahim Shuaib
Professor clay
English 1301
October 17, 2013  
World war 1 vs. World war 2
From   the earliest of time, War has   been a part a part of life. Wars are fought for many reasons, such as insecurity, material interests, expansion of   powers or just to join allies. Some are fought to gain independence.   The World has experienced two brutal World Wars; World War I and World War II . World powers today were involved in both wars. Concerning the United States, both Wars were beneficial to its economy.   These are landmark events in the World. These Wars left a great impact on the World, which is still felt today.   World War I took place between 1914 and 1918 and World War II between 1939 and 1945.   Both Wars are similar in terms of causing   great destruction of lives and properties but the goals of each countries that engaged in both   Wars were different.
Both Wars employed different military technologies. World War I is often regarded as the trench warfare, which meant digging a series of ditches into the ground.   In the late summer of 1914, German and French commanders prognosticated a War that would involve a number of troop movement.   German soldiers marched through Belgium, and parts of France while establishing camps along the way.   The battle of Marne was the first War fought in the first World War between 5th and 12th of September 1914.   The Germans tenaciously tried to get past the allied forces but could not. It was decided to build protective trenches, which evolved to become the main feature of every battle fought during the World War I timeline.   The trench Warfare although   lacked sophistication.
The second   World War for the most part was an aerial one, in that a boon was   gained by the country with a superior air force.   The most brutal archetype of German air force was the London blitz.   The German air force made constant bombing on British ships, airfields and cities.   London was the main target, but other major cities were...