Ww11 Causes

Hitler and Mussolini were two of the most opportunistic dictators to achieve power and are not the reasons for the tensions that were occurring before WWII. The only justification however would be the fact that it was a time where the Western States were taking the pacifist road, due to the weariness the First World War had caused them. If the Western democracies had not been so lenient and disorganised, Fascism and Nazism would most likely have not have reached those extreme points. The League of Nations had failed due to the collapse of Collective Security. Britain and France were very ineffective in upholding the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles and so Appeasement or the idea of relieving Hitler by giving in to his demands was beginning to become the strategy to prevent war and was also a major mistake to begin with.

The first mistake was not recognising Italy’s involvement and help within the First World War. The fact that Britain had not fulfilled its promises on the full terms of the Treaty of London after the War, this caused Italian nationalists to feel as though they were left out of the goods and seen as secondary figures at Versailles. They were in plain English humiliated. It was at this point exceedingly likely for an upset Italy. The depression in Germany was caused by the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles, which was said to be too harsh by the United States. This was the reason Hitler became Chancellor of Germany and that was all Hitler needed to tactically make it to the dictatorial position. Had the terms for the Treaty of Versailles not been so harsh, the ideals of Fascism and Nazism mightn’t have been so irresistible to the struggle of Germany and the omission of Italy. This brought these two nations closer together. AJP Taylor calls this political error ‘bungling diplomacy’. Any nations in the positions of Italy and Germany would be taking the opportunities Mussolini and Hitler did so the tensions of the War cannot...