Wuthering Heights

Madness, Villain but Love
Preface: Heathcliff is a key character of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. His tragedy is one of the poor men’s tragedies in that society. Wuthering Heights is a love story about the love between Catherine and Heathcliff. Yet the atmosphere of Heath cliff’s revenge is filled in this novel. Heathcliff is mad and violent but his love for Catherine is unforgettable.
Without any doubt, love is the source of happiness and good tonic for daily life. Love is a two way street. In order for love to work, it must be given and returned. If love is left unfulfilled, it can lead a person to be spiteful, vengeful, and at the extreme villainous. Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, however, to be controversial, is a villain with madness and violence made by his unrequited love for Cathy.
Within Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff is portrayed as initially a very weak character. His nature around him plays a large part in forming this characters firm identity and to an extent gives him reason for becoming so cruel. Heathcliff suffers so much when he is only a child. He has no parents, no relatives, and no money. Even though he later is adopted by old Earnshaw, he is regarded as an outcast by family members. His arrival at Wuthering Heights is opposed and marker by contempt and insults from all the other members of the household, expect Catherine and old Mr.Earnshaw. Even Nelly considered herself superior to Heathcliff and referred to him as it. No one cares him and he has to bear endless abuse and flogging.
But he is not a weak and meek lamb. When he suffers the abuse and flogging, he didn't cry at all. He bears at first, then when he is strong enough, he will revenge. As Heathcliff wishes, he gets his revenge in the end. Hindley is driven to his death and with the death of Lindon, Heathcliff inherits both the Grange and Wuthering Heights.Yet, there are no hints that Heathcliff is fulfilled or content in any way by what he has done. The only thing that seems...