Wt Is Happiness

Good moring everyone , im Sidney. Today I gonna talk a topic What is happiness ? In dictionary , it state its is feeling of happy , but what is happy?
What I think Happiness do not hv the actual definition , coz we do hv different point of view. Like u may feel happy coz u play basketball all nite long wif ur fds, or maybe u may feel happy coz u listen Soler music? Or u will feel happy when u reminds ur days in hotel . yes , we do hv different definations for being happy.   For me , chilling wif my fds is Happy ! groups of fds chatting like normal life , skl life even working life, to share our everything , In life time, u will taste the word Down or sad, but how u comeover it? By saying it? By screamin out on the top of mountain? For me , call my fds out for a dinner and chat all nite long then I will feel happy. Easy!
We do hv different ways to get over the Sadness, Everybody wanna live happily ,
But in the real world , u cant always stay happy . maybe ur boss scold at u , got low marks in exams , even relationship problems gotta let u down, The main point is wt attitude you choose to face it. Give up or strive for it ? juz keep feeling sad or forget it and get back to the right track? My advise is Strive everything till the last second and get back to the right track. Always think positive and keep ur minds open then u will be happier .
Theres a report state that Gross National Happiness of Hong Kong keep decreasing in past five years . Yes we know all Hongkongnese busy at working , and the living problem since the rental fee keep increasing also inflation problem but The main reason is that Hk people like complaining even a small stuff. Eg. Some political problems in Thailand , and all flights to Bangkok were delayed. But group of ppl still complain the Airline . A city full of anger and complaining , will It be happy? Im not saying complaining is not good , but we should understand why the things happened and should look it in different way but not only use...