Writing Mencia's Confession, Maria de Zayas

Mencia, sobbing and shaking: Father, I beseech you … Fear fills my heart. My own flesh savagely desires to sully his honour. Upon reading a letter to my betrothed, he whirled into such horrifying angst, tremors took hold of my limbs. Inimical, he kept me captive in this dressing room to await imminently Death.…

The Priest:   My child, I am not fully aware of this present matter but your brother ordered me to promptly take your confession. Now, when was the last time you confessed?

Mencia crying: My father taught me to be virtuous and to conduct my life according to the Bible. That is the education he gave us.
Father, I pray night and day for God’s protection over our servants, my family and my beloved. Every Sunday, I attend mass and since our mother died, I never leave this estate without my family’s presence.
Upon learning of my father’s inconvenient plans, my heart heated with anger. At the cost of Guilt’s torment, my soul pursued the worthy path of true love. Such fatal sorrows ensued. Such disruptiveness vainly caused.

The Priest:   My lady, upon your confession I shall speak to your brother. If his angst is based on protectiveness then I am sure this inconvenience will dissolve. Fear not, I give you my word.

Mencia:   (My betrothed will look for me….)
                Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I betrayed my father and my brother by failing to fulfil my duty as a loyal daughter and sister. Never was my intention to besmirch their honour for I am ever so fearful of my father’s wrath. Since he left for Seville, don Alonso had been overly irascible towards me. During the night, I dreamt of myself white as a pearl bathed in a pool of blood flowing from the wounds he shamelessly inflicted. Feeling disquieted, I wrote a letter to my husband asking him to arrive tonight so he could wed me in front of a priest.
                My father disdained many suitors before him but don Enrique valiantly persisted in his quest. You see, he sent a...