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Higher costing colleges are now beginning to offer help with repaying loans to qualifying students.   Apparently if you are an excellent student that desires a job with ultimately a low paying salary, you may just be offered a plan to help in repayment of your loan or loan interest.   This program is called the Huntington plan which will cover up to $90,000 in student loans or parent borrowed loans when borrowers earn less than $40,000 a year.   If the student ends up [Phrasal verb--these two words mean something different from the two words separately (looking up each word in the dictionary would not produce the meaning), which could cause misinterpretation in a business communication if the reader is not from your region (or country). Try different wording, such as "end," "finish," or "result"]   making less than $20,000 a year they can be offered assistance in the repayment of the interest for a year’s payments.

Colleges offer grads help repaying loans USA Today, 07347456, JUN 13, 2011
Mary Beth Marklein; Author
Section: News, Pg. 03a
Source: USA Today, JUN 13, 2011
Item: J0E191692159011

Retrieved on November 14, 2011

Typically the repayment of a Federal Student Loan begins 6 months after completion of school.   If by chance you do not find a job and can not begin to repay your loan, you hve several options available to you.   You can chose [Check spelling: "chose" is the past tense of...