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APWH Essay
The Global Water Crisis

Water plays a very pivotal role in history; it is because of waters influential capabilities that we exist. Water has always been a paramount part of the earth since its existence. Fresh water is an integral part of earth, without water it would become insurmountable to exist, though we talk about water being abundant in some cases, it is a fraudulent phenomenon. The insufficient amount of water afflicts many, such as in the Middle East. The global water crisis will cripple if not extinct human civilization, because of the lack of resources to progress industrial world levels, the imbalance on the earth from global struggles made by man and nature, and the consequences from other nation buffeting worldwide.
The human population lacks the resources to progress industrial world levels. The most crucial of these resources is fresh water. In Wolf and Postels article Dehydrating Conflict they point out the most essential significances of water, “Fresh water has no substitute, in most of its uses. It is essential for growing food, manufacturing goods, and safeguarding human health (Postel 1).” Postel is saying that water is vital for all animals and Humans to survive on earth. Though, since the human population is growing significantly, we will no longer possess enough freshwater to progress industrial world levels.   In Hussiens article Water Wars in the Middle East: A Looming Threat   “Lundqvist and Gleick (2000) argue that unless people have access to their basic water needs, in order that they can grow their food and live a healthy and hygienic lifestyle, ecological disruption, population dislocation, 'large-scale human misery and suffering' will be the result (Hussein 1).” This could be the consequences of the human population since we lack the integral resource.
The imbalance on the earth from global struggles made by man and nature may cripple the human population. Phillip Stucki writes about this phenomenon in his book,...