World War I Innovation

C171 Theme Essay (C112, Reading D) - Thomas Friedman – National Strategies and Capabilities for a Changing World: Globalization and National Security
    Thomas Friedman, a columnist for the New York Times gave a speech discussing Globalization and its negative effects on international security environment on November 15, 2000.   Mr. Friedman is a 3 time Pulitzer Prize winner and best selling author.   Mr. Friedman’s book “The Lexus and the Olive Tree” discusses his view of globalization and how it creates numerous risks to the international security environment. His thesis in this book is “I define globalization as the integration of markets, finance, technology and telecommunications in a way that is enabling each one of us to reach around the world farther, faster, deeper and cheaper than ever before.   And at the same time, is enabling the world to reach into each of us farther, faster, deeper and cheaper than ever before.” (Friedman, 2000).
    Mr. Friedman’s draws a connection between ongoing globalization and our national security.   He believes that the globalization of markets, finance, technology and telecommunications will jeopardize our national security unless we take an extremely active roll in monitoring and controlling globalization.   This would only slow down and eventually stop globalization.   I completely disagree with Mr. Friedman’s beliefs about globalization and believe that applying tight regulations would only have a serve negative impact on advancements created by globalization around the world.
    The globalization of the markets and finance is a good development for the entire world and especially the USA.   Now the entire world has the ability to invest into our stock markets and we have the ability to invest in other markets around the world.   Currency markets, also known as the foreign exchange (forex) is now traded by everybody including individuals and not just the large banks and financial institutions.   This allows for greater,...