World War 2

American Economy during WWII
American society throughout the years has starting seeing war as a damaging issue to society and in certain cases it is of course, but with America’s economy turn around after the war some might believe it was for the best. During World War II it affected more than the soldiers that put their life on the line, it opened up society for the better. Exposing better opportunity and showcasing that there is more to war then just the fighting. Americas comeback from World War II was outstanding it created new jobs, introduced new technologies, industries production increased and associated new skills (World1).
During the 1940s is when America’s economy started to strengthen. The depression that America’s economy went through allowed American society to live at an extraordinary level when increasing their production for war. Bonds are what the United States started to use to finance the war. Even before the war had started they promoted savings bonds. Savings bonds were a way to show that if the nation invested in them they would get their money worth plus more. The organizations during World War II were the greatest at promoting and selling a product. The United States had everyone invested in their bonds even the children pitched in and bought some too. By the end of the war, 85 million Americans invested in the bonds (World1).
By 1944 is when the war created many jobs for men and women back in the states. Since many men were sent off to the war, the factory owners’ were more open minded to having women as workers. They received less pay then the men but it opened the doors for women to make a step in the direction they needed to be seen as an equal. The government began to hire factories to make their war materials such as: cars, tanks, bullets, planes, ect . With all of these things in dire need it gave the men and women the jobs they needed to make money. A short time after this, President Roosevelt wanted to mobilize some of the...