World War 1 Causes

We notice that before World War 1 there was a lot of competition between major nations such as Britain, Germany and Russia. This lead to the arms race . An evidence of this is that when Britain began to build an extremely strong navy, consisting of a new breed of battleships called Dreadnoughts, the Kaiser Wilhelm II became jealous and wanted his own navy with Dreadnoughts. Soon Germany began to build similar ships to Britain's.
Another very important factor for the outbreak of World War 1 was the alliance systems . Actually it is the main reason since when the establishment of these alliances   created two major forces, which were the central powers and the entente powers.   This is because the alliances lead to the division of Europe into two major power blocs. The triple alliance between Germany, Austria Hungary, and Italy were directly opposed by the   entente powers   which were Britain, France and Russia. The alliance between France and Russia in 1894 caused a dual front threat for Germany which Bismark always tried to prevent.Due to the France-Russian alliance Germany became Austria-Hungary's ally.   The secrecy of the alliances also played an important role because this system led to fear, and suspicion and which caused conflicts between nations. The nature of alliance systems led to many secret arrangements between allies. This secrecy however, had always been speculated by antagonistic nations which led to fear and suspicion. In turn, these suspicion and fears caused crises in which nations could provoke conflicts to test out the commitment of secret alliance and arrangements.   A good example of this is the first Moroccan Crisis of 1905 .