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While assessing the internet, I went through the rules regarding appointment and tenure for the post of principal of the college and heard about the statement given by the Dr. Sukhdev Thorat, U.G.C.
Really I got stuck about the rules. As per my opinion, while preparing the rules, the concerned authority discuss the matter at various stages as well as they invite the opinions of the experts in particular field. But after taking into consideration these rules, I am doubtful about this.
In this framework they mention about the procedure and tenure, I have no objection about the procedure. But in this notification they mention that principal tenure will be of 5 years and if somebody needs extension, one again has to go through the same selection procedure as faced at first appointment. This extension is also for 5 years only. This means one can work as principal for maximum 10 years.
It arouses some questions in my mind, considering this new rule, what is the motto behind this? may be that, if one person got selected as principal he would continue up to his retirement of superannuation age. Any incapable person unnecessarily stuck with the post is measure loss to the college and institution considering its future development.   Sometimes management people play the trick and appoint their personnel one on particular post, so there is no opportunity for all others before his retirement and unwanted harassment goes on.
Considering the rule, authority is denying opportunities of the person, whose service is more than 5 years or 10 years. That means the person who is having less than 5 years service remaining, can try for the principal-ship. Actually High Court declared that the college in which approved principal is not appointed cannot be allowed for the new admissions and Government will take action to close these colleges or at least withheld the grants. So there is already scarcity of the persons qualified for the principal-ship. In addition, due to various unwanted...