World Hunger

Stephanie Olivas
Professor Russell
English 1301
July 21, 2011
World Hunger
World hunger has been an immense conflict throughout the world for many years now. What world hunger refers to, according to, is the “want or scarcity of food in a country”. This issue has affected many people and brings them hardships, especially with the rising price of food now a days. With seven billion people inhabiting the world, one billion of them are hungry. This is equivalent to 14.3 percent of the world's population, or 1/7th of its inhabitants. Malnutrition is what these struggling people suffer from. It is in short words “the lack of protein that the human body requires”, also according to the World Hunger Education Service. It has also been said that population growth will not level off in the next forty to fifty years but will continue to grow, which makes it harder to repair this issue.   This has become a problem for billions of people around the globe, but that does not mean that it is irreversible. There are solutions to help those in suffering from hunger. By taking initiation and small steps towards this situation, we can all make a difference.
Someone that has greatly contributed to this issue and has taken into account an actual experience is Ambassador Hall. He was formerly a congressman from Dayton, Ohio and ambassador to the United Nations food and agriculture Organization, according to the website . Ambassador Hall underwent this process for three weeks to get the adequate and specific information for his book entitled Facing the Change of Hunger. During these several weeks he went through things he had never experienced before in his life , drinking only water. His smelling senses became more alerted to the point in which he could smell what someone had eaten by simply smelling their breath. His energy was drained without food; he would take a nap then would wake up feeling...