World Empowerment Foundations

The world has recognize only one thing that is every one in the born to leave freely, with out fear and others dominance, a leader must guide the for right way to leave with out harm to others natural justice is in our hand not to command any body this world natural health is human community wealth right have equal opportunity to share their life style with out dominating others , the main thing is discrimination,disparity between human groups are putting conflicts and struggles so every one is having right leave in the world with out fear and

hungry, hungry is main source make people different so when we full fill the hungry of every human community then many problems can solve , next thing to clear vision to share the natural wealth and water, air earth, problems are universal wealth it is every human property until he leaves in the world, so the main reason is to understand what ever the human knowledge develop but still social stigma is very big crisis due to this reasons only people are dividing doing different, human is invented everything with is great intelligence but why not he is unable to leave his reality life, is   big critical thing , we are solving many technological and other living   manifestation and alternative things but , human unity process is under big crisis and make people distance and killing them selfs their liefs.

living in the world is not big problem if his knowledge is utilized properly   he can have happy life when his be leafs and culture is put properly then i s life style should interfere others life his hungry and ego, selfish desire to leave higher goals make people jealousy and angry to kill even parent to others so education to motivate people real life to leave reality not for criminality so proper utilization of human knowledge in proper way then it is follow properly

empowerment mean to enlighten inner skill,knowledge,talent and all abilities of human to enhance with local resources,opportunities and choices and make...