World at the Turn of the 20th Century - Modern History

To what extent was the label – ‘Age of Hope’ an accurate description of the beginning of the 20th century?

Visions of hope were blurred through war, imperialism and industrialisation. At the turn of the 20th century, the world was confident with its achievements and future; technology was peaking at its highest and benefited those who could afford it. However, it was the century the world saw the first genocide and destruction of human being. Solving conflict was done through war, and never previously had weaponry been built so lethal. These factors undermined the world’s new age of “hope” and with imperialism still real, and a great war predicted, the state of nations against nations fighting ruthlessly contributed to an age that was ultimately not of hope.
Industrialisation pinpoints a key era in 20th century history as it revolutionized the way people lived. Technology brought upon benefits however it was aimed at a society who could spend and for those who could afford the new inventions. This advantage evidently did not apply to everyone; instead it highlighted the differences in class systems where the growth of a commercial and professional class also meant the development of a working class and thus, increases in population. The impact of budding industries made many factory jobs available but this came with low wages, poor working conditions and vulnerability to diseases. Another impact industries had was they also replaced and made previous jobs redundant. The world was advancing towards a modern revolution that in turn impacted society on social means through urbanisation where cramped units housed labourers who had to endure poor living conditions, little sanitation and overcrowdings of city slums. The display of specific areas which reflected certain social classes clearly demonstrated the segregation and effects of industrialisation where hope was not evident.
Consequently, industrialisation was more significant in some countries compared to...