Worl View

Family, gender, culture and religion defines each individuals idea of a ‘world view’, these areas specifically have influenced my education and learning. A single parent family and societies acceptance on what a child of a single family is, also how society has changed its ideals over the years has heavily influenced my ideas. In a minor sense the changes to technology also have influenced my “world view”. A non computer world to a computer orientated society has influenced and shaped my concept and availability to education. Religion and education has shaped on my definition of a world view as society has changed its world view, opportunities have been opened to assist with my growth in areas of learning and education, as a female in the past the opportunities in education would be minimal.

When people are younger each person’s way of thinking is influenced by their own families world view and they in turn are influenced by societies World View, individuals mould their own views on these influences. Later in life our life experiences continue and our World View broadens and adapts to the changes & modernisation of our culture as stated in Samovar and Porter (2004) “Worldview is imposed by collective wisdom by a basis of sanctioned actions that enable survival and adoption”. Communities decide on acceptable or not acceptable behaviour a majority rule basis. We police these rules by law or the way we are taught, society as a collective decide what is acceptable and what is not. Prior to World War II it was accepted by society that women stay at home and the male was the breadwinner, related to this women was not accepted to need an education, even women themselves frowned down on women who went against this collective thought.

Twenty eight years ago a single parent perception was different to the World View in the present day. In Samovar and Porter (2004) it is stated “Because world views deal with the topics that penetrate all phases of human existence, they...