Exercise 4: Identify Organizational Strategies
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Read the sample essay below.

Complete the table by selecting your answer to the question.

Submit the completed worksheet as an attachment via the Assignment tab.

Which of the following best describes the organizational strategy of the sample essay? Use the checkboxes and select one answer. |
☐   Classification-DivisionPurpose: To break a subject into parts and analyze the parts to better understand the whole Organization   I. Introduction, with items to be divided or classified as well as the purpose for dividing or classifying     II. Body       A. Category I       B. Category II       C. Category III     III. Conclusion |
☐ Comparison-ContrastPurpose:To explore similarities or differences between subjects Organization   I. Introduction identifying two subjects and the purpose in comparing or contrasting     II. Body comparing or contrasting specific points or characteristics       A. Subject A           1. Point of comparison 1           2. Point of comparison 2           3. Point of comparison 3       B. Subject B           4. Point of comparison 1           5. Point of comparison 2           6. Point of comparison 3 |
☒ Process AnalysisPurpose: To explain how to do something by breaking it into steps or stages Organization   I. Introduction, with a thesis statement and often previews of the major steps or stages in the process     II. Body, with steps in logical order       A. Step 1       B. Step 2       C. Step 3       D. Step 4       E. Step 5     III. Conclusion summarizing the process |

Sample Essay
Using the S.M.A.R.T. Plan for Goal-SettingLarry Elder, a popular author and host of a talk-radio program in Southern California, believes “a goal without a plan is just a wish” (Goals, 2008, para. 2). Whether you have personal, educational, or professional goals, having a well-developed...