Bro, can u please respond to each question with a paragraph of at least 50 words.

What is the primary emphasis of the film or show? Examples: artistic expression, technological achievement, informative.   Explain your answer.

Friends is a series by Warner brothers dating from 1994 through 2004 is a story of six friends: Rachelle Green (Jenifer Aniston,) Monica Geller (Cortney Cox-Arquette,) Phoebie (Lisa Kudrow,) Dr. Ross Geller (David Schwimmer,) Chandler Bing (Mathew Perry,) and Joey Tribbiani (Matt leBlac) meeting in a makeshift coffee house in New York named “Central Perk.”

What is the surface-level subject matter of the film? Describe the plot.

I love this series because, aside from being funny, it shows how six unlikely characters to meet up in this one cafee and end up enriching each other’s lives in the process,
The two people, in my opinion, who’s the center of the series is Dr. Ross Geller and Rachelle Green. They had a history back in high school where Rachelle’s prom date did not show up, so she went to Monica’s house to confide in her. Ross is Monica’s older brother and their parents convinced Rachelle to go with Ross. Ross whose a shy nerd does not want to go, but his parents convinced him.
As Ross was coming down all dressed up, everybody (Monica and her date, Rachelle and her date) left. Ross was videotaped as he was coming down the stairs with a disappointed look as everyone exited their house.
As the story went on, Ross and Rachelle actually hit it off. Ross is a paleontologist, so he brought Rachelle in their museum to have dinner on their exhibit. One thing led to another and they end up making love. Needless to say, Rachelle found out she was pregnant about a month later. They did not know who the father was, but every body eventually found out that the father is Ross.
A mixture of comedy and drama makes the series nearer to reality than other series. As we watch all 9 seasons, we actually see each and every one of them change...