Workplace Observation

I work in an operation center for an automobile insurance company, which supports independent agents around the United States who are licensed to sell private passenger automobile insurance coverage for the company. The operation center is responsible for numerous functions that provide automobile policy information to our customers. The operation center is fast paced and it requires determination and commitment of every employee in order to maintain favorable results. Production and quality is a plus for every job description. Therefore communication, culture, conflict, and technology are matters to take serious at all times.        
  The company where I work bought another insurance company and there functions are currently being merged into our operation, which requires enormous communication. The department leaders of both insurance companies meet by telephone conferences daily to discuss certain processes and how best to merge these processes to the office where I work. Once a decision is made regarding the merging of these processes, the managers of the units affected by this merge then communicate to the associates and schedule training for processing the work.
    Because of this merging work, our culture is very important in making this merge a success. Skills development is a primary asset and every employee is encouraged to learn as much as possible. Every employee is also motivated to become versatile and flexible. Since upper management always views our operation center, it is imperative that we become innovative in streamlining the processes to efficiency.
    As with any major operation, there is conflict, and where I work there is no difference. There are different types of conflict. It can be between workers, an individual worker, or the processes. If the conflict is between workers, the parties involved and their manager discuss a resolution to the situation. If the conflict is with an individual worker regarding a code of conduct issue,...