Working with Medicadie

Working with Medicaid
Shaunna Hardin
May 12, 2011
HCR/230- Zelda Moore

The Medicaid program is a program to help low income families. I have personally enrolled in Medicaid and my daughter is currently enrolled in Medicaid. The eligibility for Medicaid varies from state to state depending on your income adults are not usually covered even when their children are covered. Once you are on Medicaid almost all service is covered from doctors’ visits to emergency care the only ways that Medicaid would not cover a medical bill would be whether the medical procedure was necessary and if the provider of the medical care accepts Medicaid. I can personally say that when it comes to my daughter Medicaid has covered everything from prescriptions to emergency care without me so much as seeing a bill. When you have Medicaid you also need to understand when a medical provider may bill you and what you should do.
The only time you may see a bill from a medical provider is when they do not except Medicaid or if the procedure is not covered bye Medicaid. If and when this happens you should have been informed before the procedure is done. Medicaid has done a great job in covering children, pregnant woman, and disabled persons however when it comes to working adults Medicaid assistance is almost nonexistent even if their children meet the criteria. Currently Medicaid is under new changes that will improve Medicaid coverage and to provide more insurance to low income families. There are many different and complicated changes that are currently in progress but none of which will be seen before 2014