Working Together for the Benefit of Young Persons

1.1 1.2   1.3 1.5 explain the importance of multi-agency working
and integrated working
It is very important to work alongside different services and we should also encourage parents to work alongside them too if we work alongside services I.E social services, speech therapist, CATH, it will give a child the best opportunity to develop correctly and keep out of harm Working alongside all agencies is   by coming together to share information and raise concerns that we can increase the likelihood of protecting children from harm and promoting their welfare so that fewer children have to face the terrible circumstances you should always communicate with different services to ensure you are providing the best care for the children you work with by either looking for help with speech   therapist or working alongside a social worker to enshure a child is getting looked after in the correct way at home. We have a responsibility as a nursery nurse to monitor and raise concerns concerning a child’s development and   safety if we do not monitor these by Not filing the correct information or not communicating with correct person   we are letting the child down and not doing our job correctly, if there is ever a concern with   a child speech we should monitor it by observing and seeing if it is developing according to the EYFS, If speech continues to be poor we should communicate with the correct person, this would be my manager we would then go through all the information together and if she agrees with me we will collect all the correct information and evidence and   we will then both go on to the Kirklees gov site and fill in a online application to send To CATH   then they will   put the information in front of a board and review if child needs support.
1.4 explain common barriers to integrated working and multi-agency working and how these can be overcome
working with different services can be very hard   as they are not a part of your team and do not work in your building and...